Chuck Norris Fakta

Som vanligt sitter jag hemma o kollar på allt möjligt som finns ute på nätet, som vanligt kollar jag på videos på youtube. Utan någon anledning skrev jag in Chuck Norris, o då kom de upp en massa fakta om killen.
Asså de finns helt galna saker på nätet, hät har vi lite Fakta om Chuck Norris. De va en kille som hade tråkigt o en dag började han skriva lite fakta om Chuck Norris.

Här har vi lite extra material som jag hittat....

Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.

Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is.

Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.

Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink.

Chuck Norris doesn't actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A Chuck Norris is worth 1 billion words.

If you Google search "Chuck Norris getting his ass kicked" you will generate zero results. It just doesn't happen.

It takes Chuck Norris 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma.

Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas

There is no such thing as global warming. Chuck Norris was cold, so he turned the sun up.

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