Hehe, funny cars from Jugge

Dobro vecer!!!

Here you have the car called Yugo, it was an Yugoslavian produced car that changed the world of car making, not.
It was a basic car that was cheap and uggly, but somehow people in USA wanted the car. I dont know if it was because of the hilibillies that bought them or if the american people were poor and stupid. but with cood commercials like thoose posted below, every stuppid american would fall in love with the smal Yugo. Enjoy the clips below and see how big yugoslavija was, they even made cars and everythint, Yugoslavija kicked as at that time, bot in sports and in i dont know what more.

Postat av: slavi...

buy a little freedom, buy a yugo!! =)

2008-10-21 @ 00:28:24
Postat av: Julija

Fico, FICO!!!vi köper en nästa år, ke se trkame med Deans fico.

2008-10-21 @ 13:52:26

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